Tuesday, September 25, 2007

South America Part IV Tango!

Last night we attended Madero Tango. The food was good but Argentinean tango danced to live music was fantastico, the ultimate in pairs dancing. The show featured five incredibly talented couples and a male Flamenco-type dancer. I have never seen anyone’s feet move so fast that they were literally a blur. Today my husband and I bought a how-to-tango CD so we can learn some steps and amaze our friends and embarrass our children. However, I don’t think we’ll be up to the lifts for a while.

We visited the Recoleta Cemetery. This photo gives you an idea of the opulence to be found here.

Evita Perón is buried in this cemetery but because her body has been stolen many times after her husband’s fall from grace, she’s buried 27 feet underground in a concrete vault. Many of the dead in this cemetery are buried underground, with elaborate above-ground family monuments. This cemetery is beautiful, well-organized and well-maintained, but I must say I prefer the quirky disorder of Père-Lachaisse Cemetery in Paris.

The fifteen or more cats that live in the Recoleta cemetery are provided food by a volunteer women’s group, who also sees to their medical needs. This somewhat flea-bitten kitty is napping beside a canine pal.

We finally went shopping and were happy to find some potential Christmas gifts as well as a few things for ourselves. The Recoleta area is very upscale, especially Ralph Lauren’s store in a turn-of-the-20th-century Art Nouveau mansion. The prices are lower than in the US, but still a bit too heady for the likes of us.